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Domain Name Registration

Shakespeare Said "...What's in a name ?.."

We at YASH say "... Everything !!!"

If you do not own a Good domain name, chances are that people may never find your site. With over billions of web pages, you really need a good domain name to begin with.

We register the Following Domains

  .com.org, .net

  .biz.info, .name


We also provice Domain Forwarding Services, Mail Forwarding Services & Managed DNS services.

We at YASH, help you not only register your domain name, but everything that you would need to have a complete online presence.

To begin with start by registering your domain immediately. If you already are our an existing Customer or a Re-seller, and have a login and password, Click Here to login and begin registering.

If you want to register as a new Customer or Re-seller, you can either use the Online Customer or Re-seller sign-up form, Click Here register Online or email us us details and we shall email you the login and password.

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