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Web Promotion Services
(Search Engine Optimisation)
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WEB-PROMOTION (S.E.O.)- The Grand Finale :

The grand finale, because, you have a domain name, designed a web site, hosted it, then what ..??

What is the use of building a fantastic website if no one - except you, your family and friends - knows that your website exists ??

You need to promote your website. For this, you need to know how to go about it. Of course there are search engines - provided you know how to index your site on these engines, and how to write the correct META TAGS to make sure your site comes up on top.


But then, search engines alone aren't enough today. So you need more than just search engine traffic to make it online. You need relationships. You form these valuable business relationships by promoting your business in other ways. Regular email contact, newsletter publishing, discussion group participation, offering an associate program - and lots more.


Web Promotion is more than just submitting your website to a search engine. It is an experts job, and should be left to an expert, lest you try something wrong, there are chances, your site may be blacklisted by the search engine, depriving you of the customers you would have thereby gernerated and the revenue ($ !!) it would have brought. Hence to save a few rupees, don't let your thousands go by.


Web Promotion Or Search Engine Optimisation is the most important thing now after having a great website, it completes your online presence. Your web site alone will not be able to give you the required hits / eyeballs, that Search Engine Optimisation will.


With a website you make an effort to reach out to the world, with Search Engine Optimisation, you ensure that your reach translates into people coming to your site, and thereby serving the end moto of all businesses, whether online or offline, REVENUES, INCREASED BUSINESS, AND BUSINESS GROWTH.


Web Promotion Services should include :-

1. Keyword targeting, research and advice.

2. Web site analysis to determine appropriate techniques.

3. Transparent web site optimisation techniques.

4. Our own bespoke software solutions.

5. Targeted submission to relevant directories.

6. Global and regional search engines.

7. Link building to increase hub authority.

8. Position tracking and reporting.


Is promoting your Web site with search engines a mystery?

With more than a billion WebPages looking for eyeballs and traffic, aggressive Web site marketing tactics are critical. Recent statistics indicate 85% of web visitors are referred to the web site initially by various search engines. To capture your share of that targeted traffic you need to be well positioned in the major search engines and directories.

Please read further to find out how web site marketing and search engine positioning can get you in the top rankings of various search engine and thereby increase your hits.


What we do for you:

1. We submit your site to the major search engines (10 to be precise) on the web.

2. After the initial submission we continually monitor your sites' position on major search engines (depending on the package you take) and work to push your sites ranking to the top. We don't just believe in getting you there, we believe in making you the first to get there.

3. We manually submit your site to the major directories on the net (Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo Web pages, Dmoz, etc.). Submitting to directories like Yahoo is a delicate hands-on process that requires an understanding of how each directory submission process works. We have that understanding and we know how important it is that your site is listed properly with these huge traffic generators.

4. We submit your site regularly to our comprehensive list of various search engines and directories.

So what are you waiting for, write to us at promotion@yashinfy.com and learn more on how to make your website profitable, and bring in more revenue for your business.
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