• Material Management
  Software Version 2.0
  Launched. More...
• New Server for Re-sellers
  On Linux and Windows,
  with Re- seller Control
  Panel. More...
• Domain Control Panel for
  Customers and Re-sellers
  Launched.
• Insurance Management
  Software Launched for
  Insurance Agents /
  Brokers. More...
• Inventory Management
  System for Healthcare
  Industry Launched.   More...
• Material & Production
  Management System for
  Food Processing Industry
  Launched. More...
• List Your site On Google,
  Yahoo and many other
  Search Engines, and get
  Ranking Reports. More...
• Register Your Domain
  Names at never before
  affordable Rates. More...

We develop specialised Customised Software Solutions to suit your business needs. We offer solutions as per your business needs and which fit into your current operations. Our clients do not have to adjust to our solutions but our solutions adjust to fulfil their needs and requirements. We consider computerisation to be a part of our Clients Business cycle and not his Business per se.

We provide innovative, reliable and practical solutions that ease the burden of business information procedures. Our solutions team includes talented analytical designers with an excellent understanding of business and technology. We maximize your existing technology assets to provide tangible benefits to your business.

Our software solutions team provides the following services:

• Database & Software Applications.
• Data Warehousing.
• Statistical Reporting.
• Software & Database Integration.

A few of our product that we have developed at YASH include :-

1) Materials Management System (MMS) :-

A complete software solution for Manufacturing Companies across industries. In this solution you get all the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution at fraction of its cost. This software is ideal for Companies having Central / Main Office away from its factory and wish to link it up. Entire process right from its requisition of Materials to Purchase Order, Material Receipt Notes, Sales Order, Invoices, etc are automated, with a single point of entry. Read More

2) Inventory Management System (IMS) :-

A complete software solution for Trading Companies in Healthcare Machines. This is for companies having consignee centres spread across a geographical area, and want to maintain stock of all these location at a single location, with various other facilities required for trading of Healthcare Machines and Equipments. Read More

3) Insurance Management System (IMS) :-

A complete software solution for Insurance Companies / Brokers / Agents with respecting to maintaining complete record of various insurance policies taken out by their customers, other policy and clients details various reports etc. Read More

4) Material & Production Management System (MPMS) :-

A complete software solution for Food Processing Industry which include our Material Management software, in addition to catering to specific requirements of Food Processing Industry, with relation to various procedure to be followed for Quality control and other government rules and regulations. Read More

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