• Material Management
  Software Version 2.0
  Launched. More...
• New Server for Re-sellers
  On Linux and Windows,
  with Re- seller Control
  Panel. More...
• Domain Control Panel for
  Customers and Re-sellers
  Launched.
• Insurance Management
  Software Launched for
  Insurance Agents /
  Brokers. More...
• Inventory Management
  System for Healthcare
  Industry Launched.   More...
• Material & Production
  Management System for
  Food Processing Industry
  Launched. More...
• List Your site On Google,
  Yahoo and many other
  Search Engines, and get
  Ranking Reports. More...
• Register Your Domain
  Names at never before
  affordable Rates. More...
Our Team consists of Expert Designers, Software Programmers who are young and energetic, and ever ready to adapt to newer technologies and implement them for the improvement of clients’ businesses.

Without being modest, we may be young in number of years, but in IT industry Talent and knowledge is inversely proportional to age!!!

Our Team not only consists of Technocrats, but we also have on our panel People with expertise in various fields, Marketing Specialists, Financial Wizards, Management Gurus and Experts from across industry sections. And it is this cross Industry Experience that brings a natural innovative mindset to the products and services we offer.

We believe in Teamwork and not individuals, people who work together in breaking barriers of normal businesses to achieve what others only dream of.

Our team is constantly engaged in development of services and product packages to achieve maximum stability for our clients. We have thus developed various resources to maintain and execute our clients orders almost error free and to their complete satisfaction. In fact our Sales Executive acts as a Clients Representative taking care of Customers need and requirements all the time.

The list is too exhaustive to mention all the names, but our people are our strength.

We at YASH believe in Empowering our people, our team members, so that a Customer is at any point of time is totally satisfied.

Our edge is our knowledge, …
Our edge is our people

We create leaders and empower them to lead the company and Grow, alongwith it.

There is a conventional reason to our unconventionality.

Modern business demands quickness of mind and action. Systems by themselves do not deliver …

People do …

As do people-led skills and initiatives, like flexibility, Spirit. Delegated responsibilities create leaders at every level…

We bet on our people…

For the team at YASH, Challenges don't intimidate, but only inspire to achieve the impossible

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