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WIN2003 Reseller Hosting Plan
  Microsoft Windows2003 Server builds on the strengths of Microsoft Windows NT® technology, integrating a standards-based directory, Web, application, communications, file, and print services with high reliability, efficient management, and support for the latest advances in networking hardware to provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet.  
  Why          YASH
  Your Own Brand !  
  No other hosting provider allows you to brand your hosting packages as we do. Our unique and robust backbone infrastructure such as Verio bandwidth, Mail servers that handle millions of emails every year and stable server performance and branding options such as FREE Personal DNS, Fully customizable control panel, Domain registration and whois look up in your own website allows you to sell all hosting plans under your OWN BRAND.  
  Nobody offers Reseller Control Panel and Customer Control Panel.

All the features in our control panel can be controlled online, whereas others offer manual setup only.

YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS offers sophisticated Online Control Panel, where you can control parameters such as;

FTP, Email, Front Page Extensions Server, Password Protected URL, Multi-admin facility, DNS, Web site status.

All the above features can be controlled by you on click of a mouse button.
  Online Control Panel

Your Control Panel is designed in two-tier architecture.
  • Reseller Control Panel
  • Customer Control Panel
  Reseller Control Panel

Your Reseller Control Panel will allow you to setup domain name on a click of a mouse button. Once the set up is done, your client's website will be live immediately.

You can also view,

List of domains parked in you Reseller Account
Status of Web server,
FTP server,
Mail server

You can create,

Back up of domain, mail settings done for all the domains parked in your account
  Customer Control Panel

This control panel will allow you to configure parameters such as

Folder permissions
Auto responders
Auto forwarders
Front page extensions
Creating Application
Default page adding
Password protected URL
Creating Multi Admin Users
Features  Active Features
  • Large Amount of Server Space at reasonable rates

  • Sufficient Bandwidth with each Re-seller Control Panel 
  • Pop-3 Email Ids / Webmail.
  • Latest Plesk 6.5 control panel.
  • Custom Package Creation.
  • Reseller Master Control Panel.
  • Customer Control Panel.
  • Microsoft IIS 6.0.
  • Windows 2003 server - Genuine IBM e-series.
  • SCSI Hard Disk with Raid 3.
  • Dual Xeon Processor.
  • Dedicated Netscreen Firewall [ Both software & hardware ].
  • Microsoft ASP 6.0.3790.0
  • Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1.4322.0
  • SSI 6.0.3790.0
  • Php 4.3.3 (cgi-fcgi)
  • MySql Database Support
  • MS Access 2000 Database Support
  • Perl v5.8.0 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • CGI , Server-parsed [ .shtml ]
  • IP deny manager
  • Python 2.3
  • JDK 1.4
  • Tomcat 4.1
Site Management Tools & Components
  • Reseller Control Panel - for controlling key features such as

    - Setting up domain
    - Setting up sub domains
    - Branding your hosting packs
    - Edit, Terminate accounts
    - View & Limit Bandwidth Usage
    - Quota & Password modification
    - Add, edit, delete your own  
      custom made packages
  • Customer Control Panel - for controlling key features such as

    - Add, remove emails
    - Create databases
    - FTP Manager
    - Sub domain manager etc.
  • Latest Plesk 6.5  themes
  • Horde webmail interfaces
  • Email forwarding, Autoresponders
  • FTP Manager
  • File Manager
  • PHP Myadmin
  • Disk Usage Viewer
  • Custom Error pages
  • Website Stats with  Weblizer, stats
  • Multiuser Admin
  • Plesk 6.5 with full customization and branding of your control panel
  • Provision to create your own hosting packages
  • Password protected directories
  • URL redirection
  • Persits ASP Upload
          -  ASPEncrypt 2.1
          -  ASPEmail 5.0
          -  ASPUpload 3.0
          -  Xupload 2.1

          -  AspConv 1.5
          -  AspDNS 2.75
          -  AspFile 1.5
          -  AspHTTP 3.54
          -  AspImage 2.31
          -  AspMail 4.11
          -  AspMX 1.5
          -  AspNNTP 1.5
          -  AspPOP3 2.52
          -  AspSock 1.51
  • MS XML Parser 4.01
  • Event Scheduling
  • SSL Support
  • Software Artisans ASPStudio
          -  FileUp
          -  Jfile
          -  Xfile
          -  FileManagerTX
          -  Admin
          -  Archive
          -  SMTPmail
          -  ImgWrite
  What do you get ?  
  Server Details
  • IBM xSeries Server

  • Dual 2.67 GHz Xeon Processor DP


  • Three 18.2 GB Ultra 320 SCSI HD

  • HW Raid 5i with DUAL Ultra320 SCSI

  • 100 Mbps Ethernet

NetScreen Security Appliances provide proven firewall defense. Managed by our in-house experts, these solutions have been designed to address any organization's current and future security requirements.

This enterprise-class protection includes inspection firewall, robust DoS shield, high-performance IPSec VPN, and traffic management for high reliability and maximum protection, without expensive licensing fees.
Dedicated Netscreen Firewall for safe and secured hosting. Firewall both Hardware and Software is crucial for DDOS attacks etc

NetScreen Firewall Include ;

  • Integrated security-optimized hardware, operating system, and firewall, which provide a higher level of security than patched together software-based solutions

  • NetScreen's ScreenOS software is an ICSA certified stateful inspection firewall

  • Netscreen's ASIC accelerates encryption and authentication process.

  • IPSEC VPN capabilities.


  • Our servers run with Mcafe Anti-Virus System.

  • Scanning is done both On - Access as well as On - Demand.
  Domain Registration Interface

By becoming a YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS Web Hosting Reseller, you can avail Domain Registration and Whois Look Up interface in your website itself. For example you can have domain registration interface in http://domain.yourcompanyname.com.

This enables your clients to register from your interface. Moreover, they can also manage their domains through a control panel accessible from your website. Have a look at our domain registration interface at http://my.yashinfy.com


Tech Support

YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS offers world class support for its Resellers worldwide through;

  • Exhaustive, informative Help Desk
  • 24 Hours Support Via email and Phone.

E-com Provisions

  • ICICI payment gateway "Pay Seal" integration
  • Verisign Payflow Pro 3.0

[ Payment gateway integration attracts additional charges ]

Reseller Account
Optional Features:  
Site stats FREE
Control Panel FREE
Reseller Control Panel FREE
  YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS responsibilities to the reseller:

Provide direct technical support only to the reseller.
Provide billing arrangements only to the reseller.
Provide online documentation to the reseller for the support of their clients.
Provide the reseller with name servers(Standard nameservers/ Own nameservers Charged Extra).
Domain Name registration (If Needed).

  Reseller responsibilities:

Domain Name registration or transfers.
Provide direct billing to their customers.
Provide direct Technical Support to their customers.
Abide by YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS Acceptable Use Policy.

  Getting Started :

Getting started is easy, too. To be a YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS reseller, just call a YASH iNFOSOLUTIONS web hosting consultant today on +91 - (22) - 23748664 / 2373 8908 or fax us on 23748665. You'll learn how to improve your profits and relax a whole lot more .

Call us today and Sign Up.

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