• Material Management
  Software Version 2.0
  Launched. More...
• New Server for Re-sellers
  On Linux and Windows,
  with Re- seller Control
  Panel. More...
• Domain Control Panel for
  Customers and Re-sellers
  Launched.
• Insurance Management
  Software Launched for
  Insurance Agents /
  Brokers. More...
• Inventory Management
  System for Healthcare
  Industry Launched.   More...
• Material & Production
  Management System for
  Food Processing Industry
  Launched. More...
• List Your site On Google,
  Yahoo and many other
  Search Engines, and get
  Ranking Reports. More...
• Register Your Domain
  Names at never before
  affordable Rates. More...

At YASH our passion is to improve daily living and to achieve that we create a workplace where every person can reach their full potential. As a leading global company we offer opportunities worldwide. And our work environment gives employees the freedom to explore and make the most of them.

It's OUR intention to create an environment where people can use all of their capabilities in support of the business. Therefore, we encourage our employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities. How ? read on...

· A high Performance organization

· Care & concern for people

· An organization where people are empowered to perform and be accountable for results.

· A value driven company which embraces simplicity, humility and Austerity.

· An environment where people "Dare to dream"

· Speed, Quality, Technology and Innovation is a way of life

· Respect for development of Employees through self help and guidance to foster common purpose and cohesion.

· Nurturing a learning organization is our bridge to continued success.

· The corner stones of our corporate ethos lies in our commitment to stake holder, customers, employees and vendors.


· Merit is the sole criteria for selection

· Attitude is given as much weightage as functional competencies.

· Panel interviews comprising of Functional Head & HR Head.

· Sources for recruitment are through campus, consultants, employee referrals, internal job postings and the internet.

· Antecedent verification is an integral part of our recruitment process.

· Medical fitness is pre-requisite for all positions.

· We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, community, religion or gender.

AT YASH you don't just make careers, you make your life...

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